What Is The Miracle League?

    The scoreboard looms in the outfield.  The score is always tied.  No one makes an error.  No one cares who wins because everyone wins.  This is pure love of the game by a special group of children.  Many may be confined to wheelchairs, their arms and legs immobile by muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy.  Others may be coping with down syndrome or Autism.  No matter, because for an hour or so each weekend they can feel like one of the players, not too much different from those players on the other surrounding fields.  They will experience the thrill of putting on a uniform with the Braves or Yankees or whatever team is written across the front of their shirt.  They will get to swing a bat, and "run" the bases, and at the end of the game they give mom and dad a hug.

    The Miracle League provides baseball for all children with special needs.  The field is constructed using a cushioned rubber surface with everything flat and level so there is nothing to trip over.

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